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Marine Collagen?

Posted on 17.05.2012, by Joe Brown | View all posts by Joe

1. Marine collagen? How many creased cod, squished squid and lined lobsters have you seen?
They not only get their hydration from the waters they swim in but their collagen is the closest to human collagen.
As we grow older the natural collagen in our skin starts to break its bonds, this can be replaced by using the Brevity Ultra Marine Collagen cleansing and moisturing regime.

2. We all are aware that we need to drink at least two litres of water per day to help out skin from within. Water is vital for skin hydration and helps to flush toxins from our bodies. Tap water is fine, try a glass of warm water on rising with a slice of lemon. 

3. Many people are against invasive treatments to help fight anti- ageing. The Brevity Beauty Regime helps fend off the signs of ageing and results in smoother, softer and wrinkle reduced skin.

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