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BREVITY BEAUTY - Summer Foundation

Posted on 18.07.2013, by Joe Brown | View all posts by Joe

Our brilliant, award winning make up expert, Abi-Adeyemi – Kolapo, has given some advice on summer foundation.

Abi has advised that it is quite common to go through two to three different shades of powder/foundation in a year. We all tend to get a little tanned during the summer months and lighter during winter. Also, different parts of the face have different colour tones, you could create a complete flawless look with two shades of foundation by applying and blending appropriately.

Some will prefer liquid foundation, others a pressed powder. Liquid foundation tends to be lighter, a primer is also very good to use before applying foundation.

Oil free or mineralised products will matify the face better in summer months.

If you have naturally oily skin Abi advises, “less is more” use a concealer to cover spots lightly and apply foundation lightly, blot with a paper towel and add powder if you feel you need to.

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